Wuchale and Jidda Water

Wuchale and Jidda water

We’ve been working hard to bring clean, reliable water to the farming communities of Wuchale and Jidda.

Living without water
Devastating droughts have collapsed the community’s farming capacity, leaving them without enough water to drink, let alone for livestock and irrigation. When the rains do come, water sources become silted and contaminated.

With climate change affecting people here for the long-term, we are responding to a desperate need to invest in water access that will allow the people of Wuchale and Jidda to live healthier lives and be able to farm. Access to water will also give more time for other activities, like work, school and rest.

It’s as simple as a well
Since 2010 we’ve been working with local farmers to dig nine wells that provided clean, safe water to more than 3,000 people. There is now not only enough to drink, but enough for livestock and crops as well.

Yet, there are still many people who have to collect water from dirty sources, and many women and girls spend much of their day carting water when they should be working or at school.

Water is the best gift
We’d love to bring water to more people in the Wuchale and Jidda area, but we need your help. Make a donation today and help give more people their basic right to clean and safe water.