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Hyatt and the Alshoni Women’s Group.

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This month is focused on Hyatt Murid and the Alshoni Women’s group.

Hyatt Murid is a remarkable woman.
Action Ethiopia’s first meeting with her was in March this year sitting outside a mud hut, her eyes cast down in the respectful way Ethiopian women treat visitors.

Can you see the resolve behind that look in our photo?

Hyatt had an idea to improve the standard of living for her family and she bubbled with excitement at the prospect of it working. Until it was her turn to speak, she sat quietly poised at a meeting with the other women, until her friends persuaded her to tell her story.

The women’s group that Hyatt is part of were as excited as she was. The small business idea had more than tripled her investment in 6 months, growing from 400 Birr to 1000 Birr (from £12 to £30).
Not much you might think, but she had been living on less than 50 pence a day and she has three children!

The women’s group had got together and started saving small sums of money each month.

They call themselves the Alshoni Women’s Group, which quickly attracted 85 members, each person saved 25 Birr (just under £1) each month. When they had built up 30,000 Birr of capital (£1000) they started to lend money to group members whom had a good business idea.

Hyatt’s idea was simple, she is a good cook and she has been told by friends and neighbours that she cooks the best injera in the area.

Injera is a pancake made from Teff flour and served with every meal.

Hyatt saved 400 Birr of her own money, and borrowed 600 Birr from the Alshoni Women’s group. Hyatt could now afford to buy Teff flour and make and sell injera. Hyatt did this repeatedly over six months.

Hyatt paid back the Alshoni women’s group 600 birr plus 60 Birr interest. Hyatt’s own capital had grown from 400 to 1000 Birr.

Alshoni Women’s Group Revolving Credit Scheme:


Lend money 100 Birr
Add interest 10% (10 Birr)
Receive repayment from lender 110 Birr
Available money to lend out next time 110 Birr

Hyatt Murid’s Case

Own savings 400 Birr
Borrow from Alshoni Women’s Group 600 Birr
Money created from Hyatt’s hard work 1660 Birr
Repayment of loan with interest 660 Birr
Original savings plus profit to keep 1000 Birr

It is amazing what giving can do to transformation people’s lives you help unlock the potential of a women like Hyatt.

Working with Action Ethiopia and self-help groups like the Alshoni Women’s Group means that your money helps people to help themselves.

It enables women like Hyatt to prosper.

Can you help?
You can make good things happen.
Please give what you can and consider a gift of £11, £18, £25

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