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Wof Washa Project

Set high in the mountains of Amhara, is Ethiopia’s oldest state forest, Wof Washa (meaning Bird Cave Forest). The beautiful and ancient forest is the last remnant forest in the region. Rich in biodiversity, it is home to plant and animal species that are unique and endemic to Ethiopia.

A forest under threat
It is also under threat. Since 1994 the forest has shrunk by more than 10 percent as the surrounding community depend on the forest for fuel and timber, and expand their agriculture. Wof Washa forest is now the most threatened forest ecosystem in the region.

It’s a vicious cycle. As the forest depletes, the men and women who have depended on it for centuries are forced to turn to other ways of providing food and income. This brings destructive land clearing and poor land management, depleting the forest even further.

Working with forest people
We’re working with the men and women of Wof Washa to improve land management, protect and regenerate the forest and strengthen long-term food security through alternative agriculture and food production.

We’re supporting farmers to plant fruit trees and establish bee-keeping projects and nurseries. We’re establishing women’s groups so women can collectively change their lives, and we’re also developing an eco-tourism project as an alternative and sustainable income.

Importantly, we’re working through Forest User Groups and engaging local people in the protection of their natural resources and the Wof Washa Forest.

You can help protect Wof Washa
You can help protect the forest by providing alternative and sustainable opportunities for the women and men of Wof Washa. Make a donation today.